If your wood floors are looking dull and scratched, our experts can make them look brand new again with wood floor refinishing that avoids replacement.

laminate hardwood flooring grove city ohWhether your floors are hardwood, oak or any other wooden material, our wood floor refinishing service can turn back the clock, restore them to like-new condition and avoid the high cost of completely replacing your floors. We know that even the best flooring will lose much of its original luster from long-term foot traffic, moving heavy furniture around and scratches from the grit people carry in on their feet from outside. When this occurs, it’s not necessary to consider ripping out your current floor and installing an expensive replacement. Instead, contact Flooring Grove City for wood floor refinishing that won’t empty your bank account.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors will enhance the ‘look’ of any room in your home. And while they are extremely durable and long lasting, they won’t stay lustrous and pristine forever. Fortunately, hardwood floors can be given a new and long lease on life by simply refinishing them and adding a new coat of polyurethane. This restores the shine and gives you years of new flooring life at a very affordable price. This process can be performed on your hardwood floors as long as they meet the requirements for refinishing.

Hardwood Refinishing for True wood floors

Many older homes that were built prior to the introduction of hardwoods, laminates and other newer materials have floors made of oak. They generally lack a surface coating anywhere near as durable as the polyurethane coating on hardwood flooring, and are easily scratched or otherwise damaged over time. However, they, too, can easily be refinished. Assuming the scratches do not go completely through the coating and into the wood itself, Flooring Grove City can refinish your floors with a sander, and then apply one or two fresh coats of finish. However, this process can only be done on true hardwood flooring that is at least 3.25 inches thick or more.

Once the hardwood flooring has been sanded , we will add a water-based polyurethane coating, which takes just a few hours. Oil-based polyurethanes are less costly, but each coat takes 8 hours or longer to dry. This inexpensive wood floor refinishing process will make your oak flooring last for a very-long time.
We proudly provide wood floor refinishing services to homeowners in Grove City and other nearby Columbus and Franklin county neighborhoods.

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