A Guide For Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor’s Luster

Has your breath not been taken away by the glamour of a newly furnished hardwood floor? The truth is that majority of the homeowners who have hardwood floors got the inspiration from a floor they saw in another place. When new, it glitters like gold. However, without the right maintenance, it ages very fast. All your pride for the floor can tun into disgust within a short time. Read through this article for a guide on how to maintain your hardwood floor’s luster.

Builder Laying Wooden FlooringThe biggest secret is in the manner you clean. It is essential to bear in mind that contrary to other flooring materials whose integrity can be compromised by a lot of traffic, hardwood floors are capable of withstanding lots of pressure. However, they can easily break down because of heavy traffic, moisture and dust. With all this, it is important for you to develop a feasible cleaning routine.

To prevent scratching, do the dusting on a daily basis. Although many homeowners underestimate dirt and dust particles, the can cause some very devastating effects when they build up on the floor. To maintain hardwood floors at their premium best, cleaning experts recommend the use of a microfiber material containing static charge to retrieve dust particles from the wood pores. Dusting daily minimizes allergens in your home’s interior in addition to ensuring your floors last for long. Dusting on a daily basis helps in minimizes discomfort to family members with some serious medical conditions like asthma and other lung conditions.

The cleaning must be done weekly. With respect to this, it is important to take caution with wood because it is extremely sensitive with some cleaning methods which can bring more damage than good. For cleaning purposes, PH-neutral, biodegradable and nontoxic formulas should be used. A washable microfiber tool is the most effective tool for cleaning and it can be purchased from the nearest home improvement store.

After eight to twelve weeks, think of polishing your floor. Polishing helps eliminate the need to clean excessively since it can strip the floor’s finish off. Polishing also helps in retaining the shine and luster through filling or sealing any small scratches that develop with time. It is recommended that homeowners use water-based polished because they contain no toxins and will leave no residue on the hardwood floor. Urethane-based polishes are the best quality polishes. This is because they do not leave any waxy buildup, they dry very fast and offer a better protective layer.

If you are currently unhappy with your floor’s condition, you should consider refinishing to mark the start of a proper floor maintenance routine. Other important tips include: trimming your pet’s nails, wiping out spills immediately to prevent permanent staining of your floor and utilizing the right cleaning tools. For more information, give Grove City Carpet Cleaning Pros a call.

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